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Meet the hubs: 

He came to me one day not long ago and casually mentioned that he and his best friend were going to "start a band" and that he would need a new bass guitar. I've made similar bold announcements when I need an excuse to buy something, so I figured that's what this was. 

My idea of the two of them playing upstairs, maybe someday forming some pseudo garage band with our two kids, quickly flew out the window when suddenly they had a singer, a third guitar player, studio time and a single (hint hint: check out "22" by Offended by Everything on iTunes, Spotify, Youtube... whatever floats your boat). 

So what else could they need?? Pictures for all the social media hype, of course. It's a good thing they know a guy (girl!) that can take care of that for them.

Here's hoping they remember me when they're rich and famous.

 For realsies though, check it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJpXD8P9dnI



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