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Earlier this week I got to photograph triplet girls celebrating their 9th birthdays. I'm not sure, but I think at the end it was close to 90% pink blur and 10% actual photos. But the actual photos are omg Adorable!

Note above. Blur. But the cutest blur I've ever seen.

Mom gave the girls balloons and told us all to just go for it. This is my Favorite kind of shoot. Beautiful, candid shots for as long as I can keep up with them. But I am pretty sure they were all plotting against me and making a game out of never being all in the same frame together. Pretty sure.

Before long, we were all sweaty from this Texas "fall" weather, and obviously the best way to cool off is with a dip in the fountain. I'm sure someone would've called the fountain police on us if these girls weren't so cute.

There's just nothing like a good swim in the fountain, you know? I'm pretty sure the girls will hire me back knowing this is the kind of cool stuff that's allowed all for the sake of some photographs!






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